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Super simple installation. You can replace your existing compensator to a Fury compensator in
under 15 minutes. No special tools required (crush washer included).


Remove old flash hider. Laugh
evilly at people who still need
these. Throw in trash.


Follow our easy-install video and included instructions and install your new CODA titanium compensator.


Feel the exhilaration of owning the
best damned AR rifle on the planet!

The Best, Flatest Shooting Compensator Out There!

“I own two of these and they are amazing! It is unbelievable how little muzzle rise there is with them allowing extremely rapid follow-up shots on target even at high rates of fire. All that and its super light-weight! Highly recommend. I’m getting a third.”



The Fury Compensator is a massive leap forward in compensator design. Cut from a single piece of titanium, we spent months analyzing the shape and effect of each cutout to give you the least muzzle rise of any rifle you’ve ever owned. Strong like steel but light like aluminum, a Fury compensator is better than both. Heck, looking badass while shooting never hurts either…

Increase your accuracy - Increase your speed
Decrease felt recoil – Decrease muzzle rise.

Less Weight On Your Barrel

Our advanced material means you can expect to shave an average of 50% of the weight from the end of your gun without giving up anything in return. The extreme durability of titanium means your new compensator will still perform and look great no matter what conditions you put it through.

Extremely Low Recoil and Muzzle Rise

The design of a CODA Evolution compensator is dialed in to minimize the recoil and muzzle rise from normal shooting. Less muzzle rise and less felt recoil means getting back on target faster and faster follow up shots. Whether you shoot competition, hunt, or just want peace of mind speed matters.

Keep Your Target in Sight

Shooting with a Fury comp at any distance means your site picture will be disturbed less. This enables you to now track your shot much more effectively with both offhand shooting and while on a rest. No more missing seeing your bullet impact, or just dust from a missed target. From this point forward, you will get on target faster and easier for that follow up shot.


Shoot it. Love it. Keep it.
We destroy the industry standard with a full 60 day no-hassle return policy. If you aren’t completely satisfied, return it within 60 days for a full refund.


Directs Gases Properly

No one likes a mouth full of bugs, sand, dirt, and grit. A Fury comp won’t blast it
at you if you are firing from a prone position. Our side and up ports direct gases
away from the ground so when your muzzle is only a few inches off the ground
you can still count on those quick follow up shots instead of eyes full of debris.


Hybrid or Flame Anodized

You really can't go wrong with a compensator that looks this good! Our standard finish comes in a hybrid silver finish (polished and bead blasted). If you are looking for that something a little more special think about a flame anodized version to add some bling to your build (Every Flame Ano is done by hand and unique).


Easy Install – No Gunsmith Required

Change your compensator in the comfort of your own home. The FURY is available in three sizes to meet all your competition or recreational shooting needs.

Caliber: 5.56mm/.223 cal - Thread size - 1/2 x 28
Caliber: 9mm/.35 cal - Thread size - 1/2 x 28 & 1/2 x 36
Caliber: 7.62mm/.308 cal - Thread size - 5/8 x 24

We Really Do bend Over backwards

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us


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Drop a CODA Evolution compensator on your rifle and experience faster and flatter shooting in a whole new way!

Fury Titanium Compensator


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