Titanium Magic Bullet - Ultimate Gun Persons Fidget Toy - Flame Anodized

Brand: Coda Evolution

Product Code: CE3T-FL-BULLET

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The MAGIC BULLET IS The ultimate fidget toy for ALL gun enthusiasts!

The Magic Bullet is so much more than just a fidget toy!

The Magic Bullet is a hand crafted, Flame Anodized, 100% Titanium round of Magic Ammo!

Your Magic Bullet…


  • Magically Relieves stress!
  • Makes field stripping your AR-15 a breeze!
  • Keeps your whiskey cold!
  • Scares off bad guys!
  • Brings world peace through strength!
  • Does absolutely nothing except look badass

Every Magic Bullet is different. Flame Anodization ensures that you will receive a unique and beautiful piece that will last a lifetime. 

You will receive 1 Magic Bullet when you order. 

So what are you waiting for, get off your ass and get one of these in your pocket today! 

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