If your looking for a new handgaurd that really changes the dynamic of your gun the Coda Evolution Carbon Fiber Handguard for the AR-15 platform will immediately deliver. There is an extremely easy and efficient way to replace your existing handguard that takes less than an hour.  Since this is one of the lightest handguards on the market it makes it even easier to replace any heavy options you may have chosen. 

We'll detail some of the benefits of installing the Lightning carbon fiber handguard that may pique your interest.


Lightning Handguard Benefits:

  • Carbon fiber weighs an appreciable amount less than 7075 aluminum. The Lightning carbon fiber handguard only weighs 5.20 ounces at its lightest option. That’s down about 50% over the most traditional aluminum handguard to be replaced, with similar dimensions.
  • Lightning handguards won't heat up nearly as much as aluminum.
  • Lightning handguards have an excellent strength to weight ratio


Free Floating Barrel

Our advanced proprietary barrel nut and trunnion means your handguard will never interfere with your shot again. True floating design for maximum accuracy


10x Stronger Design

A CODA Evolution handguard is almost 10 times as strong as your existing aluminum handguard yet is able to come in at 50% of the weight.


Superior Heat Dissipation

3K Carbon Fiber absorbs very little heat so you won’t burn your fingers off when the need arises for that full mag dump. It also stays warmer in cold weather for year-round shooting comfort.



Installing this hanguard is quick, it is most likely exactly the same as other handguards you may have already replaced, with a valuable addition. When you’ve installed the barrel nut and trunnion, you’ll notice the reduced size. It’s slim enough that the gas block goes over the barrel nut & trunnion, instead of through a tunnel. Install the gas block, slide the handguard onto the trunnion, ensure alignment and tighten down the eight handguard screws.


Coda Evolution Carbon Fiber Handguard Rock Solid Mounting System

The Lightning handguard is a massive leap forward in handguard design. Stronger – Thinner – Lighter. The one-piece carbon fiber handguard and rock-solid mounting system improve accuracy and consistency in any style of shooting. Your firearm will thank you!


Weight Differential

There are many different kinds of much heavier and less versatile handguards that you can put on your gun, and you can definitely see a big difference at the range when you shoot a target.  Many people believe that some handguards can only be used by people who can't handle the weight of an AR-15. People have heard it said many times, and it's not really relevant, since it's all about being able to comfortably carry more weight overall.  Cutting weight off the front of your gun can definitely help you handle your guns more skillfully with drills and make better targeting transitions and decisions. One pound less on your gun can be as useful as one pound more on your supply of food or, more likely, your ability to hunt and kill more food.  If you've ever been hunting elusive prey, there really is no doubt you'll appreciate lighter gear overall.


Thermal Dissipation

When you are with this rifle at the range, you'll notice a couple of ways that the thermal dissipation properties of carbon fiber will be on full display. First, if the  the rifle sits out in direct sunlight for over an hour carbon fiber won't heat up the same as aluminum and try to burn your hands. We let this rifle sit outside in direct sunlight for over an hour while shooting groups with a different rifle. It was just like I wanted it to be. Normally, when we used aluminum handguards, they will be hot, not the case here. You'll notice a difference after rapid fire as well.  You may feel the heat through the vents, but carbon fiber just doesn't retain heat the way aluminum does.


Total Comfort and Usability

You always have your hands on your rifle. Get a better grip on your weapon with one of the slimmest gas handguards in existence. A CODA Evolution handguard feels great in your hands and provides TOTAL control of your weapon. 


Narrow Octagon Design

The octagonal shape sits solidly on barricades and platforms to give you a distinct advantage when your shots count the most. With the added advantage of M-LOK on all 8 sides you will never be without the right location for anything you want to attach.


Proprietary Barrel Nut & Trunnion

Easy Install & No Gunsmith Required:

Change your handguard in the comfort of your own home. Our included barrel nut and trunnion form the backbone of our ridged locked-in system. Just standard tools are required, and you don’t need to time the barrel nut.

Coda Evolution Lightning handguards are proven tough. These handguards have been put through some very harsh tests. Carbon fiber is a space-age material that is used by the aerospace and automotive industries and now firearms among many other applications. If there is one reason why countless top competition shooters are flocking to Coda Evolution handguards, it’s the weight advantage. Our handguards are 40% lighter than most of the competition coming in at only 7.8 ounces for a 15” (including barrel nut and trunnion). Experience faster target-to-target transitions and gain control without sacrificing strength or rigidity.

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