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Lightning Fast

Speed up those transition times with a lighter build

Super Light

9.5" - 6.4oz

13.5" - 7.5oz

15" - 7.8oz

17" - 8.4oz

Octaganal Shape

Fits large and small hands at a diameter of 1.85"

$255.99 - $285.99

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New to the scene but backed with years of experience we are determined to improve your speed, lighten your load and make your build look damn sexy!

Your rifle is unique to you, its an extension of your hands, your personality and your mental concentration in a match. You deserve the best components that look great and give you that split second edge that can be the difference between 1st and 2nd! You deserve Coda.

We want you to have the best match of your life using our components. The only way we can do that is by getting them into your hands. So get those fingers out and get ordering to experience what total perfection feels like!